Is Siteground’s Cloud Hosting Any Good? We Checked It Out!

Cloud hosting is one of the newest web hosting technologies created and is a bit of a hybrid between VPS solutions (which have proven their worth for years and years now) and full-blown dedicated hosting packages that offer you the most control and security across hosting solutions.

Cloud is a Pioneering Technology

Unfortunately, not all web hosting companies are rolling out cloud-based hosting plans just yet. This is, after all, still a pioneering technology and not all of the web hosting companies out there have rolled out the new hardware and tech tools necessary for running efficient and effective cloud hosting platforms.



SiteGround is not one of those organizations!

Cloud by Siteground

The cloud hosting offered by SiteGround is one of the most robust in the industry. It provides customers with an opportunity to build their website – and scalable online platforms and programs – online while leveraging “always on” resources on par with a dedicated server solution.

Giving you the opportunity to spread your website across multiple servers – often located across the planet far away from one another – you can enjoy improved security through redundancy, immediate access to web resources regardless of your geographical area, and a faster loading site that enjoys extreme performance boosts thanks to this multilayer approach to online caching.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Check out this SiteGround hosting review to learn a little bit more about why you should make the switch to this platform ASAP.

Highlighting some of the advantages SiteGround cloud-based hosting brings to the table

Founded in 2004, SiteGround is one of the few web hosting operations to overhaul their existing infrastructure in a way that allows for the most effective and the most efficient cloud-based hosting options for all their clients.

Why Siteground?

With multiple data centers located around the world over (five different data centers in total), this cloud-based solution is effectively spread across all corners of the planet to provide increased speed, stability, and security regardless of where your web visitors are hailing from.

Siteground Datacenters

Siteground Datacenters

Other advantages include a highly available network, redundant electrical systems, and endpoint physical security solutions that protect your data and your infrastructure from all kinds of attacks – regardless of how advanced or how analog they may be in nature.

Through the cloud-based hosting solution, you’re also going to have the opportunity to roll out advanced Content Management Systems with a higher level of administrative control along the way. We’re talking about giving you complete and total control over CMS platforms like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and Joomla.

You’ll also be able to roll out many advanced services and support modules for all of the most popular CMS solutions as well, helping you to “one-click install” these CMS while helping you improve your performance across the board as well.

Covering some of the most critical cloud hosting features available

Each one of the cloud hosting accounts created with SiteGround will be able to take advantage of WHM and a cPanel administrative backend, while also taking advantage of Apache server technology, CentOS operating system, dedicated mail servers, IP table firewalls, and the latest versions of MySQL, PHP, and so much more.

These features are some of the most robust that you’ll find anywhere in the web hosting world, especially when we’re talking about a cloud-based or VPS hybrid software solution as opposed to dedicated hardware set up. You won’t have this kind of access with a shared web hosting package or a standard VPS solution, that’s for sure.

Another huge advantage in moving forward with this particular set up is the ability to scale your resources and the hardware on-the-fly.

If you build a particularly popular website or a particularly popular platform, your resources can automatically scale to give you the kind of CPU, RAM, and bandwidth power you need. The resources can automatically scale back when demand tapers off, giving you a little bit of relief when it comes to paying for your web hosting.

Ordering your cloud hosting package through SiteGround

Every single SiteGround cloud hosting review out there is going to mention just how simple and straightforward it is to get set up with this particular technology, and they might even be underselling it!

Believe it or not, throwing together a SiteGround hosting package is about as simple and as straightforward as it could be. All you have to do is follow the on-screen prompts after visiting, fill out a couple of critical details, register your payment information, and hit the ground running.

You’ll be contacted by SiteGround customer service and support to assist you in getting everything set up and running (this is, after all, a relatively new web hosting technology), but from there the process is generally easy enough to navigate all on your own.

The administrative backend can be used in a variety of different ways, but most people choose to take advantage of the cPanel system that has become so popular across all other areas of web hosting administration. You’ll find a bunch of new tools and new resources that you can take advantage of in cPanel on SiteGround’s cloud hosting, but all of these are pretty much self-explanatory, too.

Customer service and support is there to help you out

Like with all other web hosting solutions, you are going to have access to 24/7 customer service and support every single day of the year.

Siteground Support Options

SiteGround has built its reputation not only the fantastic services that they make available but also the legendary customer service and technical support that they provide all their clients, too. Getting your cloud-based hosting up and running can be a little bit of an uphill battle if you aren’t particularly technologically savvy, with the service and support team will be there every single step of the way to assist you in any and every way possible.

You really can’t go wrong with SiteGround cloud hosting!